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The Simplest Weight Loss Tip

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eat same thing every day weight lossWe all know a couple of things about weight loss.

It usually involves eating less and moving more. 2) Weight loss is tough to maintain.

One tip reported by Healthline.com and recommended by the Amercian Heart Association may make implementing a weight loss protocol easier. Here is it.

Eat the same thing every day. 

This flies in the face of recommendations by other nutrition authorities to eat a diet filled with a large variety of foods. Variety ensures proper nutrition from a larger spectrum of foods. It seems true that we need to ensure adequate nutrition. But do the essential vitamins and minerals need to come from a large variety of foods?

What if we got all the nutrition we need from a simple, repetitive diet?

There would be several benefits. Eating the same foods every day would:

• Eliminate guesswork
• Reduce choice and encourage routine
• Simplify grocery shopping
• Reduce impulse decisions

Could this be the solution for some?

Read more: blogs.psychcentral.com

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