Scientists have trained ‘Kim’ the spider to jump on command — and she looks like a lot more fun than a sea-monkey


Scientists have managed to train a spider named “Kim” to jump on command.  
By doing so, they are hoping to then create robots that can mirror the movement of spiders. 
The researchers got Kim to jump a short distance, roughly twice her body length and a longer distance some six times her body length.

In what is tantamount to every arachnophobia’s worst nightmare, scientists have managed to train a spider to jump on command.  

Rather than creating a tiny spider army, the researchers have been using the adorable little regal jumping spider – which they affectionately named Kim – to help them understand exactly how these tiny animals manage to leap so far, and hopefully help them create better robots that can do something similar. Their results have been published this week in Scientific Reports.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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