Home Weight LossReflection of an old selfie and 50lbs down (31/F/160)
Reflection of an old selfie and 50lbs down (31/F/160)

Reflection of an old selfie and 50lbs down (31/F/160)

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I was persuaded that my weight reduction wasn’’ t proving however after scrolling through photos I encountered a selfie I took at the start of my weight reduction journey. At the time I took it I wasn’’ t conscious how tubby I looked. After comparing it to a present image I can lastly see a few of my efforts. A lot more amazing, I had a medical professional’’ s visit today and was weighed, I am formally down 50lbs down considering that I’’ ve began last March. I was at 210 and now I’’ m 160. I still have a long method to go, just 5ft however I feel a lot more determined now.

Starting Selfie.

Current selfie

The objective is to obtain to 130 to expose the huge improvement to friends and family.

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