Home Weight LossI’ve lost 36 pounds and have no one to tell
I’ve lost 36 pounds and have no one to tell

I’ve lost 36 pounds and have no one to tell

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I’m posting this because I’m proud of myself and I have no one to tell so I’m telling you guys. I’m 18F. In May 2018, I was 241 lbs. Yesterday, I went to the doctor and I’m 205!!! I’m only six pounds away from being in the one hundreds. I’m so happy. I’ve always been an overweight kid. Both sides of my family are overweight (no excuse, that’s just all I was taught.) but three months ago, I started my weight loss journey and it’s been amazing. The best thing is normal sized bath towels wrap all the way around me lol I know I am rambling but I have no one to celebrate this with so if you made it through this post- thank you for listening.

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