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I need reasurrance :(

I need reasurrance :(

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Guys, for the previous year my weight reduction has actually stalled half-way due to numerous elements, however I believed I look ok, so it'' s not a huge offer. Today, I completed a charity kept up my colleagues and we took a pic later on. OMFG. I appear like a cow, my butt and hips are so huge I can not think it. I'' m the fattest one from an entire group. And exactly what is even worse tomorrow this photo is going to be shared at work with a brief details, that we took part in a charity race. I understand it'' s silly,'childish and I ' m overreacting however I wear'' t desire everyone to see me like this. I use loose clothing to work, and now … 300+ individuals will see my in my “” complete splendor” “aka leggings. I feel so embarrassed. I understand it'' s silly, however I can not stop feeling by doing this.

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