Home Weight LossHow do I eat healthy when my family doesn’t?
How do I eat healthy when my family doesn’t?

How do I eat healthy when my family doesn’t?

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I'm currently on a diet and exercise routine and while i'm great at working out every day, I cant ever seem to get a solid hold on my eating habits.

My family buys in bulk (costco) and will often come home with big boxes of desserts, high sugar cereals, etc. and everytime the kitchen has these foods I go into a mental battle to not eat those foods until I eventually just cave in, binge on it, and feel terrible.

I feel on one hand it's my problem and my diet not theirs, but I also feel like it's what's hindering my journey in weight loss.

I've tried to talk to them and even suggest family "cheat day dinners" twice a month to help keep the bad foods out of the house but it always gets shrugged off.

I'm at a loss here and I genuinely don't know how to alleviate this situation. Please help!

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