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Exercise Yay or Nay?

Exercise Yay or Nay?

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I’’ m a 5 ’ 3 26F, SW 146 CW 142 and GW is 130 pounds. I’’ ve been doin. CICO for a month and lost 4 pounds. I’’ ve not budged the scale for the previous 10 days. I lost the majority of those pounds in very first 3 weeks and it simply changes now. I have actually constantly had a shitty metabolic process, in the sense, even if I consume less than 1200 I won’’ t lose much weight and makes me question if workout is exactly what will start my metabolic process. I wan na strike 130-134 pounds and I’’ ll more than happy with that very first objective. I’’ ve never ever seen listed below 135 in my life given that 8th grade lol. Do you men have any recommendations on workout? Did any of you stall then included workout to see genuine weight reduction?

Thanks quite!

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