Home Weight Losseveryone carries their weight differently…
everyone carries their weight differently…

everyone carries their weight differently…

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Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster to this sub. I've been reading people's stories to help me stay motivated in the gym and kitchen.

I just wanted to mention to everyone who may feel super bummed about the number on the scale or the associated progress pics of someone who is "their size" making it seem like they aren't doing this weight loss journey right, that everyone carries their weight differently. You could have 5 people in front of you who are all 5'6" and wear a size whatever pants have entirely different weights. You could have everyone weigh the same and wear polar opposite pants sizes.

The point is, don't let the numbers of someone else, or your own, discourage you from continuing your journey of feeling better and being healthier.

Stay motivated my friends ❤️

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