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End of 100lb weight loss journey/next chapter

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So in April 2017 I was 22 years of ages, lazy, uninspired, and had actually simply crossed over the 250lb mark. If I ever struck 250 I would alter and sure sufficient I did at some point that month, I had actually informed myself. Over the in 2015 and a half I started running thoroughly, tracking my calories, and I got rid of all alcohol and soda. The outcome? Since today I clock in at 154 pounds at ideal around 6ft high. I had in fact wished to lose the complete 100 pounds however I’’ ve chosen rather to focus more on bodybuilding. My next objective is to place on 15 pounds of lean muscle to come out at around 170. I want I had actually discovered this subreddit previously in my journey, however possibly it can influence somebody. Here’’ s a link for a before/after picture and if anybody has excellent suggestions on diet/exercise prepare for muscle development I’’d love to hear it bc all I actually understand is running lol

before/after picture

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