Home Weight LossDiscussion of low carb and keto benefits or lack of
Discussion of low carb and keto benefits or lack of

Discussion of low carb and keto benefits or lack of

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When I hear people talk about the benefits of low carb, high fat, keto, it really makes sense. Then I'll read something dismissing it all, at least from a weight loss perspective. Here are two examples.

So there is this which argues there is a clear benefit to law carb for weight loss:

23 Studies on Low-Carb and Low-Fat Diets


Then this which dismisses it:

Low-fat vs low-carb? Major study concludes: it doesn’t matter for weight loss


It seems like when it comes to nutrition everyone has their own agenda or thought they want to prove correct. Everyone seems to have data to prove their point but both things can't be true. What do you feel is the truth and why?

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