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Think I found the culprit in my current weight loss stagnation, and I'm pretty bummed about it. Beer. I've been loathe to admit it was having an effect, logging it as a 180kcal per 12 oz allowing myself 24 oz per day. Come to find out most of the beers I'm drinking are probably closer to 300kcal+ per 12 oz – double IPAs, imperial stouts, barley wines, Belgian trippels….yum.

I already have 150kcal set aside for work-related taste testing. I can't really justify giving up more calories nutritionally to make way for beer, and I'm at a loss where to work in more exercise.

Best solution I can think of is only drinking my nightly beer from one of my old festival tasting glasses 2 oz at a time so I have to be mindful of it an enjoy it more? How do all you beer fans fit it into your diet/routine?

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