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Advice Please. Effects of weight loss on tattoos

Advice Please. Effects of weight loss on tattoos

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I'' m on my own weight reduction journey (with a great deal of assistance and motivation along the method from this sub!). I still have ~ 50lb to go.

I'' ve an old tatt from my dumb teenager years that I'' m wishing to get covered with some good brand-new art. My concern is can I do it now, or wait til I'' ve reached my objective? Itching to mark a huge life-altering occasion, so the possibility of a 6 month wait appears like an eternity.

I'' d truly enjoy to become aware of your experiences with weight reduction and how it has or hasn'' t impacted your body art. Not a lot concerned about loose skin – I'' ve lost this quantity and acquired of weight prior to without any skin concerns, however I'' m uncertain if the tatt style may misshape …

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