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Here’s what actually happens to your body when you cut carbs

S. Alemdar/Stringer/Getty Images for IMG   When you stop eating carbohydrates, the body can go into ketosis, which isn’t inherently a bad thing, but it can lead to complications and be difficult to sustain long-term. Stress hormones can increase and muscle-building hormones can decrease when you don’t eat carbs. Brain function is sometimes negatively impacted […]

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These are the most popular baby names of 2018 so far

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Olivia and Atticus, the most popular baby names from 2017, can still be found at the top of the list halfway through 2018.  The top girls’ names for the first half of the year are more formal, vintage names.  People seem to be choosing short and punchy boys’ names.  Halfway through 2018, Olivia […]

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How to avoid cavities, according to a dentist

Scott Olson/Getty Some people are more prone to cavities because they have a higher amount of bacteria called S. Mutans. Before you go blaming it all on bacteria, there are certain foods, such as chips and crackers that are actually just as bad for your teeth as candy. Anything with carbohydrates can cause a cavity. […]

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People bought $38 ‘hot dog water’ said to support weight loss — and they were in for a rude awakening

browland1/Twitter People spent $38 on unfiltered “hot dog water” sold at a festival in Vancouver, Yahoo News reported. The Keto-compatible “hot dog water” promised to promote weight loss, increase brain function, and make you look younger. The creator, Douglas Bevans, told Global News that he created Hot Dog Water as a stunt to encourage people to think critically […]

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Zero-Gravity Champagne for the Final Frontier

.Since Buzz Aldrin said the renowned words ““ no Neil, after you,” ” astronauts have actually aspired to discover an engaging method to toast their amazing accomplishments. Come September 2018, G.H. Mumm will launch Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar, lastly making it possible for area tourists to take pleasure in champagne in no gravity. Outstanding utilizes […]

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19 things you never knew about McDonald’s

Zhao/Flickr McDonald’s is, hands-down, the most popular junk food dining establishment in the United States and among the most popular franchises on the planet. Every day, the dining establishment serves about 1% of the world’s population, which is a shocking 68 million individuals. It’s possible that someplace, somebody reading this is consuming food from McDonald’s. […]

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Meet the celebrity dog groomer who makes up to $6,000 a week

Jess Rona Jess Rona has a varied résumé: actor, director, writer, and dog-groomer-to-the-stars. The Los Angeles woman has groomed the pooches of celebrities like Katy Perry, Nina Dobrev, Zooey Deschanel, and Ruby Rose.  Rona is known for her viral Instagram account dedicated to hilarious, slow-motion music videos of her four-legged clients.  Her grooming career led to her to […]

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