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Everyone who wants to shed weight will tell you that they want healthy weight loss. Unfortunately, only a handful can actually tell you how to clearly define it. Healthy weight loss is achieved if you fulfill the following principles.

How To Lose Weight Early

How To Lose Weight Early

You have to make sure that all of your weight loss comes from losing fat. In other words, the total weight that you reduce comes from losing only fat and nothing else. Many people think that they are losing only fat when they reduce the number on the weighing scales but this is proof of their ignorance. You can also lose a lot of water and muscles in the process. At times, you could even be losing more water and muscles than fat. This is very harmful to the body. In summary, healthy weight loss requires that you lose only fat and the least amount of water and muscles.

When you lose weight healthily, you will boost your metabolism instead of suppressing it. This is very difficult to achieve with your conventional fad diets which almost always suppress your metabolism. Excessive muscle loss is the main reason for a suppressed metabolism. Losing weight healthily requires that you incorporate strength training into your lifestyle. This helps to build your muscle mass and keep your metabolism high.

When all of your weight loss is the result of fat loss, you will enjoy enhanced health. This is because the process of building muscles and losing fat naturally balances your hormonal system. You will have lower cortisol and insulin levels. Both cortisol and insulin are potent fat storage hormones. You will have a higher level of potent fat burning hormones such as the Human Growth Hormone and testosterone. Health is also tremendously enhanced when you carry a lower amount of body fat. It puts lesser strain on your heart and the other body organs.

You do not enjoy the same amount of health enhancement if you had lots of muscle and water loss. This is typically what happens when you focus on losing weight. The excessive loss of muscle tissue reduces your strength, worsens your posture and makes you susceptible to falling or injuring yourself.

The fat loss will be sustainable. When all this has been achieved, you can be sure that the weight that has come off, will stay off. This is the definition of healthy weight loss.

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What is the “real skinny” about weight loss? What is the real solution?

Part of the solution is the mind set. In today’s society, people look for a quick fix. Anything you need is available for a price, so people are not prevention minded. If they gain a few pounds, no problem, just buy some new clothes. It is only after a few cycles of gaining weight and buying clothes, or maybe a visit to the doctor, when people are face-to-face with the fact they have a weight problem and have to begin to think about losing weight. Preventing the problem in the first place is not foremost in the minds of many who are overweight.

People start thinking, what can I do to lose weight? And so the battle against the bulge begins.

A person can get crazy cravings. It becomes hard to stay motivated to lose weight when a person is fighting all these obstacles. A person can get really irritable, frustrated, and discouraged with the struggle.

They may join support groups for weight loss. The search is good because during the process of searching for answers people begin to think about what they eat and they learn begin to learn and think about the true nutritional needs of their bodies.

As they begin to look at supplements and shakes and prepackaged dinners, if they are astute they may begin to realize that all shakes, supplements, and nutritional options are not the same. Certain ingredients are not as healthy as others. There are definitely differences from product to product.

A good product is formulated with the advice of nutrition experts. It is designed to increase energy, curb appetite, control cravings, increase a positive mood, increase metabolism, lose weight, lose inches, and feel incredible. That is the ultimate supplement, and when a person finds it, their weight loss program is given a gigantic boost towards success. It can become a real solution, and that’s the “real skinny” on weight loss.

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