August 9th, 2017 by Max Watson

Skype is a great communication tool that lets you video-chat with someone who is very far away for free. Then there are times when you’re chatting with someone on Skype and you think you know where they are, but you really have no clue…

This Canadian mom believed she was Skyping with her daughter while she was in Ireland, but it turned out she was much closer by than Mom ever expected!

As great as Skype is for communicating with people who are far away, it will never beat the real thing — face-to-face communication always takes the cake. Just ask this mom and her daughter!

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March 17th, 2017 by David Triplet

My dog doesn’t like being in a different room from her favorite humans for even one second, much less spending years apart from them. Seriously, just trying to stay in my bedroom with the door closed while she whines away on the other side is enough to break my heart. So, I can imagine how emotional this adorable reunion was for both pup and human.

They hadn’t seen each other for three long years, and when the pooch gets eyes on his dad, it’s like he can’t actually believe it’s him for a second or two. Then the crazy-cute love fest begins!

It’s just so beautiful!

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