April 16th, 2017 by Max Watson

If you love food but you’re unfortunately not a wizard, you probably stick to cooking and leave baking to the pros. Baking the cakes, brownies, and cookies that make the world a better place takes skill and precision (neither of which I have when I step into a kitchen).

Not only do your ingredients have to be measured perfectly, but they also have to be the right temperature. If a recipe calls for room-temperature butter, for example, you’d better not add some cold butter and hope for the best. The next time you mix all of your dry ingredients and discover that your butter is still hanging out in the fridge, grab a glass and give this trick a try.

This tip is perfect because heating butter up in the microwave would make the ingredient way too hot. And it’ll be great the next time I try (and fail) to bake cookies and I suddenly lose all ability to put steps in a logical order.

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August 21st, 2016 by Max Watson

I don’t have kiddos of my own, but judging by how much I detest cleaning my tiny apartment that’s home to two grown adults, I can imagine that cleaning a house full of little ones isn’t exactly a good time.

Unless you make it one, that is. These parents decided to get seriously sassy about their cleaning woes by turning “Love Yourself” by the Biebs into a version of the track that I probably wouldn’t mind hearing incessantly.

From “six-day-old pee” to budding urges to hoard everything in sight, this mom-dad duo covers it all (with the addition of some seriously impressive dance moves).

Like I said, I’m childless, but this still speaks to me on a spiritual level.

Let’s hope for Mom’s sake that these kids take a hint and start dealing with that backpack banana situation ASAP. What are the nastiest presents your kids have ever left you?

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