May 30th, 2017 by David Triplet

Raleigh Callaway, a 49 year-old police officer from Greensboro, Georgia, is battling kidney failure.  He was in dire need of a transplant, according to USA Today.

In an attempt to find a donor, the family posed for a photo with a sign his daughters had made that read, “Our daddy needs a kidney!”. They posted the photo to Facebook…and then it went viral. It inspired hundreds of people to offer help to the family. One of those people was Chris Carroll, a health care consultant from McKinney, Texas. As luck would have it, Chris was a perfect match.:

(Source: USA TODAY)

It’s so incredible what social media can do for people, bringing out the beautiful side of all humanity.

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March 7th, 2017 by David Triplet

One of the cutest and newest trends among expecting parents is filming surprise pregnancy announcements. Rather than just flat out telling their families about the happy news, they turn these momentous occasions into incredible memories.

Cheryl Malik and her husband decided they wanted to do something cute for her parents to reveal the big news, and their approach was far more subtle than most of what we see online. Watch what happens when her parents take a closer look at those new spoons.

That’s pure happiness right there. I’m certain that her dad is going to be the greatest grandfather ever — certainly the best one who can also do a wicked Mickey Mouse impression!

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