February 17th, 2017 by David Triplet

This little kid just put Mario to shame. Watch as he parks his go-kart in the most extreme way imaginable, then walks away all cool… like it’s an everyday thing. I’m nearly 30 and have still never done anything this cool in my life. I bet in 20 years we will see this video as a look back at how a great Formula 1 racer started out.

(Source: MrStarupN) As they would put it on Top Gear: “Some say he eats candy for breakfast, others say he doesn’t do his homework. All we know is, he’s called the little Stig.” Share this cool kid with your friends by hitting the button below.

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December 10th, 2016 by Max Watson

When we think of domesticated animals, cats, dogs, birds, and even hamsters come to mind.

But they’re not the only fluffy buds you can keep at home…

Foxes are traditionally to be wild animals that hunt and gather for their survival, but domesticated foxes do exist. And they’re magical.

While incredibly rare, there are a handful of states that do allow people to keep domesticated wildlife such as foxes. Generally, special permits are required and bringing one into your home should not be taken lightly as they bring with them a whole different set of responsibilities. Though keeping one isn’t allowed where I live, after seeing the antics these foxes get into, I can’t help but want one myself.

1. When it comes to annoying your dog, foxes are the new cat.

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2. That reaction to hearing her own name, though…

3. Like any other household animal, they’re very motivated by treats.

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