March 17th, 2017 by David Triplet

My dog doesn’t like being in a different room from her favorite humans for even one second, much less spending years apart from them. Seriously, just trying to stay in my bedroom with the door closed while she whines away on the other side is enough to break my heart. So, I can imagine how emotional this adorable reunion was for both pup and human.

They hadn’t seen each other for three long years, and when the pooch gets eyes on his dad, it’s like he can’t actually believe it’s him for a second or two. Then the crazy-cute love fest begins!

It’s just so beautiful!

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August 20th, 2016 by Max Watson

Anyone who thinks dogs don’t have feelings must not know many dogs. Casey the Schnauzer was away from her momma who was living abroad for two years. When the young woman came home… Casey just couldn’t handle all of the happy. The little dog was so filled with joy, she actually fainted. This is the kind of welcome home you’d never, ever forget. (To be fair on Casey though, that is like 14 years in dog years, a long time to be away from a loved one.)

(Source: Rebecca Ehalt) For those worried or wondering, Casey was taken to the vet soon after this was filmed. The vet watched the video and gave the Schnauzer a check-up. Everything is fine with her. Her fainting spell was not caused by any medical disorder… just pure joy. Share Casey’s epic reaction with others. You can’t watch this without smiling.

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