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June 28th, 2017 by David Triplet!/Texas_Forever33/status/285832685665017857

Someone is yelling @howardstern penis on a Fox live shot from Times Square.Pretty much sums up where we are right now

— Gordon Plutsky (@GordonPlutsky) December 31, 2012

It’s New Year’s Eve, and revelers are pretty excited about it. But one guy is maybe a little more excited than everyone else. As Fox Business’ Lauren Simonetti reported live from Times Square, a man behind her shoved his face at her microphone and extolled the virtues of shock jock Howard Stern’s manhood:

Some guy is yelling ‘Howard Stern’s Penis’ in Lauren Simonetti’s ear on Fox.

— Norm Boardman (@NormBoardman) December 31, 2012

Alrighty then.

Stern fans rejoiced:

Good to see Howard sterns penis getting a shout out on Fox News.

— Jeff Meskiill (@jmeskill1) December 31, 2012

Kudos to the guy that screamed out Howard Sterns penis on Fox News live in NYC haha

— matt alford (@10yearsmilitary) December 31, 2012

Hahahah! Someone on FOX NEWS is shouting “Bababooey! Howard Stern’s penis!” Hilarious.

— Brad McHargue (@BradMcHargue) December 31, 2012

hahahaha, in the background of the lady on Fox News reporting from Time Square someone was telling “Howard Sterns Penis” repeatedly, haha.

— VTScoopStaff (@VTScoopStaff247) December 31, 2012

Someone in Times Square got behind a Fox News lady and started screaming “HOWARD STERNS PENIS! HOWARD STERNS PENIS!” #yes

— Cole Houser (@TheColeHouser) December 31, 2012

Did anyone else hear the guy on Fox News yelling “I love penis” and “Howard Sterns penis” hahaha 😂😂😂

— kevin swaney (@Swanedog13) December 31, 2012

LOL at the guy on Fox News screaming: “Howard Sterns’ penis”.

— khaki (@nudehugs) December 31, 2012

@sternshow Fox didn’t have time to block it but some guy was yelling in the open microphone about your Penis, really funny.

— Richard Colon (@porthos44) December 31, 2012

HAHAHAHAH dude on Fox News in Times Square just got on camera and screamed “HOWARD STERNS PENIS!!!!!” #awesome

— Ted Vanderslice (@SliceOfTed) December 31, 2012

LOLOL at the big guy in the background of the national Fox News channel screaming “PENIS”

— Derrrppp. (@philiphawasian) December 31, 2012

The dude screaming “I love penis!” On Fox News made my life.

— Tate Langdon (@p3ac3l0vef00d) December 31, 2012

@howardstern I just a guy yelling in a open mike on Fox about your Penis, crass but funny. hahahahaha

— Richard Colon (@porthos44) December 31, 2012

Shout out to the guy that screamed “Howard Stern’s penis!!!!” multiple times behind a FOX news reporter in NYC #happynewyear

— Alex Pasquarella (@AlexPasquarella) December 31, 2012

Others were not quite as impressed:

Smh at these people in the crowd on Fox News yelling “Howard Stern’s penis.”

— Mannish Fresh (@MannyWallace) December 31, 2012

Some Howard Stern idiot is yelling PENIS at the top of his lungs in a Fox News mike…moron.

— St. Louis Wrestling(@stlwc) December 31, 2012

Some dolt was just on Fox News in Times Square yelling “Howard Stern’s penis.” His mom must be so proud.

— Ernie Lipshitz (@ernielipshitz) December 31, 2012

Almost as proud as Howard Stern’s mom.

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June 27th, 2017 by David Triplet

How would you open a bottle if you didn’t have thumbs? Really think about that one…

I personally have no idea. I suppose, if there was something really good inside, I’d go in with my teeth…but if that didn’t work, I’m not going to lie. I’d probably give up.

But Max here has far more resolve than I do. When the chocolate Lab’s mom gives him a bottle filled with tasty treats, he does not give up until he can enjoy every last crumb…

He’s so reserved with how he enjoys them, too! I would have dumped them all out and binged. What a wise pup!

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