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August 20th, 2017 by admin

For one Oklahoma high school student, graduating took a lot more work than usual.

Micah McDade, a senior at Okmulgee High School, was born with cerebral palsy. As his graduation drew near, he became determined to walk like everyone else as he collected his diploma. So, following months of constant practice and preparation, McDade rose to the challenge on graduation day as he was helped out of his wheelchair and physically walked across the stage, much to the eruption of cheers from the crowd.

What an amazing moment. McDade clearly has the heart of a lion and the dedication needed to carry on toward the next step…a college graduation!

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August 19th, 2017 by David Triplet!/Cameron_Gray/status/297459013300412418

Transcript via National Review Online:

“If you take a step back and think about that, you work at a restaurant or you work at a store, and your boss is able to deny you leukemia coverage or contraception coverage or blood transfusions or any number of medical concerns that someone might have a religious objection to … So the folks who are still objecting [to the mandate] have some very extreme ideas about religious freedom and employee health care in this country.”

It’s clear she got her degree in law, not in economics.

Insurance is a bad idea for small, regular and predictable expenses. There are good reasons that your car insurance company doesn’t add $100 per year to your premium and then cover oil changes, and that your health insurance doesn’t charge $50 more per year and cover toothpaste. You’d have to fill out mountains of paperwork, the oil-change and toothpaste markets would become much less competitive, and you’d end up spending more.


Contraception mandate: Obama administration turns its back on the Sandra Fluke crowd

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